Does Soundproof Carpet Underlay Really Work?

Silentstep Premium is a new generation of acoustic base for carpets, composed of a flexible mass-charged barrier, fused over a base of high-quality high-density foam.

By having several layers of different thicknesses and densities, you can smooth out this drop in performance and achieve the best soundproofing with your acoustic base.

An excellent product to use as a carpet base is Soundproof Cow's Impact Barrier QT floor base. The MuteMat 3 is the best acoustic base that will help you comply with the building regulations of part E without using any other material. To get the most out of your soundproof carpet underlay, it's essential to make sure it is sealed tightly against the wall.

To do this, place the acoustic layer against the wall, place a washer on the mat and use the inside of the washing machine to draw a line along the carpet by dragging the washer along the wall to get an exact replica of the shape and curve of the wall. This will help reduce both impacts and noise emitted by the air. The combination of different acoustic bases allows you to get much better results with the thinnest soundproofing products. In the case of carpets, you need a product that is soft but doesn't touch bottom, as is the case with most acoustic base coats on the market. This, together with the MuteMat range, provides the combination of highest-performing acoustic bases and, at the same time, keeps the build-up as thin as possible. The science behind acoustic foundations can be complicated, but the main factors for reducing sound come down to three components: absorption, damping and decoupling. Absorption is when sound waves are absorbed by materials like foam or fiberglass.

Damping is when sound waves are converted into heat energy. Decoupling is when two surfaces are separated by an air gap or other material that prevents sound from traveling between them. By using soundproof carpet underlay, you can reduce noise levels in your home or office significantly. It's important to choose an appropriate product for your needs and make sure it is installed correctly for maximum effectiveness.

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