Fireproof Underlay: Is Foam the Best Choice?

When it comes to fire safety, foam underlay is a popular option for many homeowners. Its cushioning comfort and excellent thermal and acoustic insulation properties make it an ideal choice for any carpet, wood or laminate floor. But what makes foam underlay fire-resistant?The Cloud 9 Fire Retardant 8 is a high-quality polyurethane foam base layer designed for use in both double-grip and elastic-fit installations. It has been tested to meet BS 5808 (199) safety standards, greatly reducing the spread of fire and providing sufficient time to extinguish flames before they spread.

It also produces much less smoke and toxic gases compared to other similar alternatives. QA HeatWave is an 8 mm carpet base with 36 dB impact noise reduction. It is designed to be fireproof and compatible with underfloor heating systems. The Tredaire FR7 carpet base is a heavy, high-density commercial base layer that is also suitable for fireproof applications. It is ideal for environments where flame resistance is important, as well as being compatible with underfloor heating systems and carpets. When it comes to fire safety, foam underlay is a great choice.

Its fireproof properties make it a safe option for any home or business.

Ralph Walsh
Ralph Walsh

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