The Best Acoustic Underlay for Concrete Floors: Get the Most Out of ImpactoMat 5

Are you looking for the best acoustic underlay for your concrete floors? ImpactoMat 5 is an ultra-thin system that helps reduce unwanted impact noise on concrete floors. It is commonly used in multi-level concrete buildings, such as offices, apartments, hotels, and commercial premises. Installing ImpactoMat is incredibly easy; it simply attaches to the concrete subfloor. To get the best performance, however, it is important to consider the MuteMat range of acoustic bases.

This combination of acoustic bases allows you to get much better results with the thinnest soundproofing products.In certain situations, it is almost always necessary to use an acoustic base for floors to meet certain standards. For example, FloorVenue sells a Marvel SPC hybrid floor, which has a 6-star acoustic base pre-installed. Therefore, it is not normally recommended to specify or use a masonry tile floor over a foam or other acoustic layer that is too soft. The MuteMat 3 is the best acoustic base that allows you to comply with the construction regulations of part E without the need to use any other material. When installing an acoustic base below the ground in a project you're building, designing or renovating, there are far fewer manufacturers of recycled rubber acoustic bases, making it much easier to find good quality products. To ensure a tight seal against the wall, place the acoustic base against the wall and use a washer on top of the mat.

Use the inside of the washing machine to draw a line along the mat by dragging the washer along the wall to get an exact replica of the shape and curve of the wall. In some cases, it may be possible to glue the base to the subfloor before gluing the nose, tread and riser of the staircase to the subfloor. This will help create a tight seal between the two surfaces and reduce any potential noise transmission. When it comes to choosing an acoustic underlay for your concrete floors, ImpactoMat 5 is one of your best options. It is easy to install and provides excellent soundproofing capabilities. To get even better results, consider using MuteMat 3 as part of your soundproofing system.

This combination will help you meet construction regulations and provide superior soundproofing performance.

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